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Get the convenience of the latest calling features and unlimited nationwide calling.

About Comcast Business Voice

Comcast Business Voice offers the voice features you need to help your business operate more efficiently and effectively. Get basic features like voicemail, call forwarding and call hold along with advanced features such as Caller ID with Call Waiting and Selective Call Forwarding. You can even listen to your voicemail, review your call history, manage your account and perform even more functions online using Comcast's Digital Voice Center. (Note: Business Voice customers in New England can perform these additional functions via Business Voice Online.)

Plus, you get unlimited nationwide calling, which includes calls to the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam and Saipan/N. Mariana Islands. You also receive White Pages and Yellow Pages Simple Listing (for one line). International Calling, Operator Services, Directory Assistance and fax line service are also available for an additional charge.

Business Voice also includes privacy features, such as call blocking and call rejection.

Comcast Business Voice offers the following advanced features:

Hunt Groups Often referred to as "rollover" lines, Hunt Groups allow calls to transition from the one "advertised"/primary line to a secondary line when the primary line is already in use.
Customized Caller ID Customized Caller ID permits the Comcast-issued secondary lines to display the Comcast-issued primary number when making outbound calls.
Greeting Scheduler with Alternate Greeting Set up an alternate greeting that will play when your personal greeting is not scheduled. You can set the schedule for weekdays and weekend.
Call Forward Busy and Call Forward No Answer Automatically forward incoming calls to a designated number when you are on a different call or are unable to answer a call.
Remote Activation of Call Forwarding Change your Call Forwarding number, or activate/deactivate Call Forwarding when you are not in your office.
Distinctive Call Waiting Place up to 12 phone numbers on a call-screening list. When these numbers call, you will hear a special call waiting tone if you are on the other line.
Caller ID with Call Waiting If youre on the phone and a second call comes in, Caller ID with Call Waiting will alert you with a Call Waiting tone. Youll see the number, and, when available, the name of the second caller.
Selective Call Forwarding Automatically forward calls based on the incoming call number.
Do Not Disturb Avoid interruptions. Do Not Disturb immediately reroutes all incoming calls, pages, and intercoms to your voicemail without a single ring. You can use this feature whether you are at your desk or away from your office.
Call Park and Call Retrieve Transfer a call through multiple phone numbers in your system without ending the call.


For example, if youre on a call in your office but need to consult with a co-worker in a different office, park the call from your office and retrieve it from your co-workers office.
Group Distribution List Create up to six Group Distribution Lists (with up to 25 members per list) who can receive forwarded messages from your phone number. You can also send messages to members of each list. Note: Only Comcast Voicemail customers can be added to a Group Distribution List. Group Distribution List members should have a recorded name associated with their voice mailbox.
Anonymous Call Rejection Automatically reject calls from Caller ID-blocked numbers. Anonymous Call Rejection announces to callers who block the display of their name and number that you are not accepting blocked calls and instructs them to unblock their information and dial you again.
Call Forward Not Reachable This will automatically forward your calls if for any reason your service has been disrupted.
Call Forwarding Selective Forward only those calls you do not want to miss. When you are offsite and still want specific calls from certain suppliers or customers, Selective Call Forwarding enables you to create a list of phone numbers that will be forwarded to you at a number you designate. When you activate this feature, only calls from the phone numbers on your list will be forwarded.
Call Forwarding Variable If you have to be away from your business or at another phone for an extended period of time, you can forward all calls to ring at any number you designate.
Call Hold You can put any call on hold so that your clients are spared listening to background noise and chatter while you look up additional information or consult with a colleague.
Call Trace Protect your business against offensive phone calls. Call Trace ensures that the number of your last incoming caller is traced so that appropriate action may be taken against the harassing party.
Call Transfer

Quickly respond to customers by transferring incoming calls to the appropriate party or to an offsite facility.

Call Waiting Take a second call without disconnecting the first. When you are on the phone, a Call Waiting tone alerts you when you have another incoming call. Call Waiting enables you to put the first caller on hold and answer the second call. If you are on an important call and do not wish to answer the incoming call, you can simply ignore the alert and continue talking.
Distinctive Ring and Call Waiting You may maintain up to 12 directory numbers on a Distinctive Ring and Call Waiting list. When these numbers call, the system will alert you through a special ring if you are not on the phone or a special call waiting tone if you are on the other line.
Selective Call Rejection Decline calls from selected parties. When you do not want to be interrupted by certain callers, Call Screening allows you to create a list of up to 12 numbers that will receive an announcement indicating you are not presently accepting calls.
Speed Dial 8 The convenience of speed dialing for up to 8 of your most frequently called numbers. For frequently dialed numbers and/or for international long-distance numbers, Speed Dial 8 can reduce the hassle to just one digit.
Speed Dial 30 The convenience of speed dialing for up to 30 of your most frequently called numbers. Get your favorite international supplier on the phone or any local or long-distance number by pressing just two digits with Speed Dial 30.
3-Way Calling Create your own three-party conference calls. Often it is more efficient to get your colleagues or clients on the phone at the same time. 3-Way Calling makes it easy to collaborate on a three-way conference call.

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