View call history in the Digital Voice Center

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View the details of your received, missed, dialed and toll-free calls from the Call History screen.

In the Digital Voice Center, you can view call details for the current month and the previous two months. Call details older than two months are automatically deleted.

Note: This article does not apply to all Comcast Business Voice customers.

  1. Step 1:


    To access your call history, first log in to the Digital Voice Center.

    Go to the Digital Voice Center.

    At the log in page, you have three choices for signing in:

    1. If you have a email account, then you can use your username and password;
    2. If not, you can use your 10-digit office phone number and your voicemail password, or
    3. Your 10-digit office phone number and the CPNI (Customer Proprietary Network Information) PIN sent to you in the mail.

    Note: If your company uses a system administrator, the administrator can view the information and manage the features for all lines by signing in using options 1 or 3 above and then using the Telephone Number Selection drop-down menu. The administrator then selects the phone number to be viewed or managed.

  2. Step 2:


    Go to the Home screen.

    The Home screen provides a snapshot of your missed calls, recently dialed numbers, and unheard voicemail messages, as well as a status of all your email and voicemail messages.

  3. Step 3:


    View the Call History screen.

    From the Call History Screen you can view the details of your received, missed, dialed, and toll-free calls.

    The Get New Calls button is similar to the Refresh button on your Internet browser. It allows you to check for calls you may have received while logged in to the Digital Voice Center.

You can access call records (e.g. Answered and Placed Calls) based on billing cycles. You can also view records from the current billing cycle and the two previous months. Use the drop-down box to select the desired billing period at the top of each call record. Voicemail records are independent of billing period.

The Tools section allows you to print or download any of your call histories. If you choose to download your call histories, a text file will be presented which can be saved and opened as a tab-delimited file in most spreadsheet programs like Excel.

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