XFINITY WiFi Hosted Hotspot Overview

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Your XFINITY WiFi hotspot provides your patrons and visitors Internet access using their WiFi-enabled devices. A free, public hotspot, separate from your current Comcast Business Internet service, provides this value-added service for your patrons and vistors to enjoy. As an authorized XFINITY WiFi Hotspot, here are just some of the advantages your business will enjoy: 

·     Promote another value-added amenity to your customers

·     Bring in new and repeat customers with an enhanced customer experience

·     List your business on our national XFINITY WiFi hotspot locator

XFINITY Internet customers can use their WiFi-enabled devices and their existing Comcast username and password to connect to your new XFINITY WiFi hotspot. Plus, your customers without XFINITY Internet can enjoy limited access to the web using your XFINITY WiFi hotspot. To add a WiFi hotspot to your business, please contact Business Customer Care at 1-800-391-3000. Note: This service is not available in all areas. 

Help and Support

For individual end-user connectivity issues, customers can call Comcast Customer Care at 1-800-XFINITY. For help with troubleshooting the XFINITY WiFi hosted hotspot, see Troubleshoot XFINITY WiFi connectivity.

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